Precious watches

A tribute to watchmaking creations of the sixteenth and twentieth century. Around 1570, the so-called "novelty" watches, worn around the neck or hung at the waist, remained in fashion for almost a century.
After a period of neglect, they will experience a renewed international interest from the late
eighteenth to the late nineteenth century. They were inspired by the plant or animal kingdoms :
tulip buttons, rose, lily, strawberry, pear, apple, bee, butterfly ... in gold set with precious stones, pearls, and richly decorated by fantaisy and elaborate techniques (enamelling, engraving, painted enamel...).

Let us introduce you to Damoiselle O, Damoiselle Capucine and Damoiselle Rosa :

In the twentieth century, watchmakers in Besançon specialized in the jewellery watch with finely
worked decoration.
These “novelty” watches inspired the creation of Rosa and Capucine jewellery wristwatches and
rings of Damoiselle D. It is a bridge between the past and the present.