Damoiselle O


This timeless watch embodies the universal values of femininity and renewal.

Nothing in the universe is fixed or immobile. Various heavenly bodies are attracted to their respective planets and describe pure and perfect elliptical shapes as they orbit around them, just as the Earth turns around the Sun.


This elegant watch adorned with magnificent diamonds celebrates the union of aesthetic perfection and classical refinement.


It symbolizes Damoiselle D as it was inspired by the 2nd logo of the brand.

Technical features :18K gold, case, dial and buckle set with brilliant-cut diamonds, blued steel hands. Black satin strap with leather lining, Swiss movement.


Indicated gold weight : 20 g.

Tribute to Monet

Damoiselle O - Enamel
Damoiselle O - Enamel

Full set

Damoiselle O - Full Set
Damoiselle O - Full Set

Instructions for use
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