The spirit of Damoiselle D

Damoiselle D is a symbol of rarity, refinement and nobility. It is distinguished by a unique expertise and exclusive distribution also by the values that Damoiselle D defends.
At the heart of watchmaking cradle, Véronique Muller shared her creativity with her husband Jean Muller, a watch designer.
This brand of exception is for passionate, independent and daring women whose time is precious.
The name Damoiselle D evokes the “Damsels” (nobles young women) of yesteryear and their
privileged and exclusive universe, as well as the flow of time, the desire of transmission and the quest for eternity ("D" for Diamond thread of the collection).

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This collection, with extraordinarily slender, pure and timeless design is a tribute to dazzling
precious stones and pays homage to glory and nobility of solid gold.

Damoiselle Rosa, Damoiselle Capucine and Damoiselle O bring this parcel of eternity and

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