A unique know-how

In keeping with the finest Haute Horlogerie traditions, Damoiselle D achieves a delicate balance between hand craftsmanship and industrial innovation while associating this technical mastery with an exquisitely feminine jewellery touch.

The unique know-how of Damoiselle D is grounded on :


For the achievement of its timepieces and jewelery Damoiselle D, Véronique Muller shares her creativity with her husband, Jean Muller, a watch designer.
This three-fold renowned expertise in design, conception and production results in superlative creative freedom that is entirely dedicated to serving customers.
Dreams began to take delicate shape, associating the precious glow of gold, the timeless sparkle of diamonds, infinitely majestic curves, refinement, and a wealth of meticulous details, while preserving the comfortable feel, hand-crafted perfection and technical sophistication of these precious jewellery creations.


The watches are tested and assembled in Switzerland for precision and water resistance, entirely in harmony with the demands of the "Swiss Made" label which is synonymous with technical and aesthetic quality.


A personalised production (one-of-a-kind creation and limited series) combined with a selective distribution, guarantees an extermely high level of exclusivity.